Could you be our next Rising Star?

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Could you be our next Rising Star?

We’re passionate about offering young people the chance to gain valuable work experience while getting paid, which is why every year we offer a graduate the chance to work with us as a Rising Star intern.

Established in May 2010, our internship scheme has so far given nine graduates the opportunity to get a foothold in the PR and marketing industry.

We’ve been privileged enough to work alongside many talented young professionals in that time and all of them have gone on to have successful careers in a related field.

There is of course the option to secure a permanent role at Shooting Star, and we’re proud that our two current Account Executives (Zoe Lamb and Nikhita Keshwara) both began life at Shooting Star as Rising Star interns.

If you’d like to know more about our Rising Star scheme, then we’d love to hear from you; drop us a line with your CV, give us a call, or (better still) pop in for a chat!