Coastal Champions


Lincolnshire County Council wanted to create a suite of short videos to promote career opportunities on the Lincolnshire coast, as part of its Coastal Communities Fund campaign.

Shooting Star was commissioned to create six videos featuring interviews with ‘Coastal Champions’ – ambassadors living and working on the Lincolnshire coast.


The aim was to create short talking heads videos which would be simple, engaging and easily used and shared on social media.

The budget was tight, but we were able to produce the videos for a competitive fee because of the quick turnaround and the relatively small number of team members involved (two).


Shooting Star was responsible for contacting the interview subjects, arranging a day, time and location for the shoot, interviewing and shooting the video on the day, editing the footage and circulating the final video for approval before posting on various social media channels and YouTube.

The shoots were conducted by a camera operator and an interviewer who interviewed the subjects in a journalistic style.


We created six short videos on time and on budget, each one showcasing a Coastal Champion speaking on location in their workplace – at an amusement park, at a brewery, at a workshop where buses are repaired etc.

Feedback on the videos was so positive that we were commissioned to create six more along similar lines the following year.

The videos have already achieved over 1,000 views on YouTube and have been well received and widely shared on social media.

Shooting Star were responsible for the filming of our Coastal Champions videos, and the results have been well received by funders, businesses and residents. They ensured the local champions were at ease and conversation flowed naturally. The videos have been used for publicity not only by us to increase traffic to our programme but also by external partners to promote the opportunities of careers in the visitor economy in Lincolnshire thanks to their high-quality production.

It has been a great working relationship and we look forward to our continued relationship with Shooting Star on future commissions.