A clear marketing strategy is the backbone of marketing plans.

A marketing strategy keeps your marketing plan focused and outlines what you are offering, your target audience, competitors, values, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

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Key elements in your marketing strategy

As part of your strategy, it is vital for every company to have basic marketing elements in place so that the visual style and messaging remains consistent.

Mission statement, vision, values, brand personality, tone of voice, visual style, goals and objectives, target audiences, competitors, key messages all must be identified and agreed to ensure your marketing is effective. Sharing this information with staff and third-party contractors acting on your behalf is important for clarity and consistency.

An integrated approach

While we love the results you can generate with PR, we also strongly believe that it’s more effective as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. We believe in a holistic approach, ensuring that marketing, PR and digital elements are combined for stronger results.

Our team will work alongside you to understand your business objectives and devise an effective marketing strategy. We can help you identify your target market(s) and audience(s), tailor your products and services to meet their needs and increase sales.