Effective digital advertising is proven to increase sales

Investing in a good digital advertising strategy is a cost-effective, measurable strategy to drive more traffic to your website and increase sales.

Stand out above the rest

Digital advertising can provide some quick wins for your business and is an effective strategy to reach new customers if done correctly. From targeted PPC adverts to move your company’s products and services to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to Google shopping or social media adverts.

A more sustainable strategy is to first nail your SEO which will compliment any digital advertising campaigns. If using Google Ads, you will be entered into a virtual auction for specific keywords you want to bid on – your success is determined by Google based on your maximum bid and ad quality score, which your SEO will play a part in. The quality score is calculated according to the quality and relevance of the keywords you have bid on and the composition of your advert.

It’s not as easy as just popping a Google advert out there

There’s a whole lot that goes into digital advertising including analysing past website data to see what works for your business, keyword research, improving your SEO to give your advert the best chance of success, and creating and optimising the advert based on the behaviour of your website visitor traffic – and that’s before considering what type of advert you want to create: Google shopping, search, display, social advert, video.

Sound like a minefield? Need the experts? We would be happy to help, so just get in touch with our friendly team.