Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok… so many socials, not enough time!

Researching, creating, scheduling posts and responding to comments can take a sizeable chunk of your day and is often an afterthought, so not as effective.

Strategy first, then plan, then manage

Once a social media strategy has been agreed in line with your wider marketing plan, it’s time to create your social media plan. The social media plan includes key dates for your business, national awareness days, current trends, hashtags, graphics and copy and where these posts will appear and when.

Social media management includes scheduling posts that have been agreed on the social media plan in advance, content creation (creating custom graphics and copy), responding to direct messages, comments and mentions, finding and resharing relevant third-party content, creating ads alongside the organic content and reporting.

Most of the time we find that social media pages or business manager accounts have been incorrectly set up or are out of date and need refreshing. Social media management is a key element of any marketing plan and one that usually takes the most time to create and maintain – which is where we come in!

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