Social media is always buzzing

How can you cut through the noise, join conversations with your target audience and deliver your messages? Be strategic!

Shine brighter than the competition

Time and again we see companies posting ad hoc social media posts with no rhyme, reason or consistency. Billions of people use social media every day as a space to connect with other people, be entertained, or read news, and it is a competitive platform to capture the attention of your target market.

Did you know there’s a right day, time and quantity to post on social media? And this is different for each platform? Did you also know that different platforms require different styles of content, so a ‘copy and paste’ approach is the least effective?

Creating a solid social media strategy and plan that is integrated with your wider PR and marketing plan takes time, but once in place it can increase your engagement with your new and existing customers and ultimately grow your business.

Planning ahead to save time

A company’s social media strategy should include key dates, trends and hashtags as well as reviewing competitor activity. This information is used to create a social media plan that outlines posts across different platforms over the coming weeks and months.

This targeted approach is more effective in the long run and can actually save you time! Once everything is signed off and agreed, posts can be scheduled in advance, leaving more time to be reactive to everyday social media management like answering customer queries, resharing relevant posts from third parties or jumping on relevant trends or news stories that have cropped up overnight.

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