Investing in digital PR to broaden your reach

Digital PR helps reach a broader audience online using digital communication channels.

Digital PR has risen to the fore of the PR and marketing world as technology has advanced and is now used as an integral strategy to help raise awareness of brands online. But digital PR is nothing particularly new.

Increased exposure for your business

In short, digital PR is a method of enhancing and raising awareness of your business by promoting newsworthy content through internet-based strategies such as social mediaSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO), backlinks and content marketing.

Digital PR is important because it helps promote your business’ name and positively enhances its reputation by communicating effectively with its audiences. For the best results, it should be used in tandem with traditional PR tactics such as building media relationscopywriting, and events.

Digital PR forms part of a longer term strategy to get your business noticed

So, where the end goal of digital marketing focuses on creating a sale or conversion, digital PR focuses more on brand image and awareness, which contributes to the decision to invest in your product or service. This is because digital PR campaigns can be rolled out over a significant period to provide a sustained and targeted effort to maintain your brand’s presence among competitors, rather than directly selling a specific product or search.

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