A Week at Shooting Star

When posed with the question ‘What do you want to do when you’re older?’ I tend to stare dumbfounded and with a shrug of my shoulders respond, ‘I’m not too sure really.’ A phrase often politely followed up with some statement made about how young I am and that I needn’t fret over something so far in the future. However, truth be told, I do worry; surely by now I would have found something I really enjoy and want to pursue. The prospect of leaving formal education and still having no direction is quite a terrifying one, my only comfort found in the fact that my peers are just as ignorant as me.

I am reassured by teachers and parents alike that the idea of only having one profession in this day and age is completely implausible – actually I’m expected to go through nine! Although the extent to which this reassures me is a small one. In fact it probably has the opposite effect. This is not helped by my own research that concluded over half of my generation will be made redundant at some point, connoting images in my mind of financial instability; one at least that will not be able to fund my ever-growing clothing collection.

When it was announced that we needed to start organising our work experience, I was slightly apprehensive to say the least. Where on earth do I go? Where on earth will take me? After hours of trawling through local businesses finally, Shooting Star, a Lincoln-based PR and marketing agency, was drawn to my attention by family members who’d worked with them. It seemed to tick all the boxes, and was involved in one of my better subjects: English. Upon arrival it was apparent that this workplace was friendly and welcoming and as time went on their hardworking ethos, shared by both employers and employees, was evident.

Despite all these brilliant characteristics it was still a hard environment to come into. In the beginning I felt completely incompetent but as the week has progressed I’ve gradually felt myself advance in ability. It may have been in a small way, but encouraged by the friendly faces surrounding me, ever patient, I’ve really improved, learning about the nature of the job in the meantime.

This week has led me to believe that a job in PR or journalism could be for me; luckily I’ve got a while yet to decide and am planning on doing more work placements during summer holidays, as experience in today’s competitive society is invaluable. I am pleased with how constructive this week has been, contributing to me being able to make the right decision for my future; an important one, especially since my generation will have an even older average retirement age!