Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

DSC 0035Like many final-year students, I’m often asked the question, ‘What is your plan after university?’ My answer tends to consist of a puzzled look and a slight mumble!

Being an English Language and Linguistics student, most assume that I’ll be following my peers into a teaching career, proceeding straight into a PGCE or an equivalent teacher training course when I graduate in July, but that is most definitely is not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, finding the right career path has been quite a challenge. With various stints in industries including hospitality, retail and childcare, I now think I’ve finally found the industry for me. With my academic background, communication skills and creative flair, the PR and marketing industry seems to be a great match.

Having gained work experience at PR agencies across Manchester during 2015, I had an idea of what my week at Shooting Star would involve, but without having an academic background in PR and marketing walking through the door on Monday morning was still daunting. Thankfully the friendly faces in the office soon made those first-day jitters disappear.

Working closely with the account managers, I was appointed various tasks throughout the week, which both challenged and demonstrated my abilities.

Writing news releases and blog posts were two of the most enjoyable tasks and with help from Junior Account Executive Zoe, I’ve now become a whizz at uploading and sending news releases via Gorkana.

My role was more client facing than I was expecting, meaning I was contacting both clients and journalists frequently throughout the week. At first this was definitely one of the more daunting tasks I was assigned, however my confidence speaking to clients flourished by the end of the week.

Today is my final day at Shooting Star and my only question is, ‘Where has this week gone?’

Along with the guidance and support of the friendly and encouraging team, I feel as though my ability and confidence have soared throughout the week. My time at Shooting Star has reconfirmed that PR and marketing is definitely the industry in which I hope to pursue a career.

It is safe to say it has been a pleasure to work alongside such a great team!