We’re more than just PR…

SWP 15 0943 47 105You probably know that we’re a PR agency, but you may not know what else we can do. We offer much more than just PR, and we’re not just based in Lincoln any more either!

Now in our 10th year of business, we boast a wealth of experience across PR, journalism, marketing, copywriting and design. We have experts in international PR and event management too.

With two recent award wins under our belt, we’re busy working on exciting campaigns and our team of PR and marketing experts are in the midst of developing marketing plans, social media strategies, websites and PR proposals for a range of clients across the UK and abroad.

We like telling stories and coming up with new ideas. We get excited by product launches and rebrands. We appreciate metaphors, similes and puns. And we like making a song and dance about the stuff that inspires us.

We love variety. We work for clients across a range of sectors, from childcare to property and from manufacturing to tech, and can turn our hand to a multitude of tasks. We also enjoy the thrill of a new project, product or service and will take on pretty much any challenge that crosses our path.  No job is too big or too small!

And the reason we’ve written all of this? We’d like you to have a think about what else we could do for you.

  • Got an event coming up?
  • Been tasked with refreshing your brand?
  • Want to enter an award?
  • Is your website in need of a refresh?
  • Does social media baffle you? Don’t know your TweetDeck from your Hootsuite?

Get in touch if there is anything you need help with – we’re happy to discuss what else we can do for you. Be it a one-off project or a longer term strategy, we’re here to help and have the experience to make it work for your business!

Give us a call, pop the kettle on and we’ll bring the biscuits!

The Shooting Star team