Protect Your Reputation by Investing in Staff

Sept2016 64 web cropPublic relations is all about reputation: fact. But how are you ensuring that you are attracting and retaining the right employees to protect your business’ reputation?

There has been much discussion recently about how to use PR to attract high-calibre employees and I’d say that now – amid awards season – is as good a time as ever.

If you enter awards, being shortlisted is reason enough to shout about your business and get some coverage in the press that will be seen by potential employees. Usually you’ll be sent some form of PR pack that includes a logo to share on social media and around your premises, or even a certificate.

Meanwhile, showcasing your team is something you can do at any time of year; people want to hear about the personalities that form your brand and make your business unique. Use your social media channels to show what different members of your team do from day to day.

Got a stand at an exhibition? Share a photo of your team members ready to greet passers by. Leaving the office for an afternoon to do something exciting or unusual? Let people know! It takes no time at all to put together a quick tweet but if you’re feeling slightly more ambitious, why not try out Facebook live streaming or Periscope? That way you can involve your online audience and show that you’re a modern, savvy business to work for.

Which brings me nicely to my next point: while you’re giving ‘behind-the-scenes’ insight, remember to promote the benefits of working for your company. Perhaps you have an on-site gym, or provide free breakfast one day a week. Any perks – financial or otherwise – are worth a little limelight.

Meanwhile, try writing and pitching opinion or advice columns to key industry publications, letting people know that you are experts within your field.

Strong CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives within the community can also help to raise your profile as an employer.

So, what happens when you’ve hired the right candidates? How do you keep them engaged and motivated enough to successfully fulfil their roles and effectively communicate your brand values?

It’s important to involve every member of the team in decision-making processes where possible, to help foster a cohesive working environment. You could even offer opportunities for your staff to write blogs or take over the social media channels for a day.

Take the time, as colleagues, to praise one another and give credit where credit’s due – you might just make someone’s day.

Similarly, regularly review progress and ask your staff how you can help them. Perhaps there’s something they’d like to do but haven’t yet been asked to within their role.

If you can afford to do so, allocating a training budget for each member of your team will also help to improve performance.

Finally, and since Hallowe’en is just around the corner, try pimping your office space! Introducing seasonal decorations or plants and allowing staff to personalise their space can help to lift the spirits of staff and customers/clients alike!


This article was originally published on Lincolnshire Business.