We’re Backing Broadband


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If you live in certain parts of rural Lincolnshire you will know that broadband speeds are not what they could be. Indeed, in some parts of the county you may be unlucky enough to live in a broadband ‘notspot’ where people still have to get by on a dial-up service.

Lincolnshire County Council is making a huge effort to address the situation, and its Online Revolution project is using European money to raise awareness of the potential of superfast broadband and stimulate demand for the service from residents and businesses.

We’re pleased to say that after a competitive tender process we’ve been hired by the council to handle a multi-channel PR, communications and events campaign for Online Revolution.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce to secure the contract; they will be managing a series of  ‘wired’ events which will showcase the potential of superfast broadband and the technologies that use it, while we will be promoting the project and creating a buzz around the idea of superfast broadband for Lincolnshire.

To help us do that we’ve enlisted the help of journalist and live event blogger Glenn Le Santo who will be bringing his knowledge and expertise in new media technology to the table.

If you’re not happy with the broadband in your area visit the OnLincolnshire website and register your interest. The communities which shout the loudest are most likely to get superfast broadband before everyone else! JA