A German Girl in Bristol

Vivian 01It has always been my dream to go abroad someday. As soon as I finished my
apprenticeship as an event management assistant in a hotel near Berlin, I decided to do a four-week internship in Bristol to gain some new experience.

All on my own, I arrived at London Heathrow on 22nd January. I felt so excited about the adventure that lay ahead. When I got off the bus at the Bristol Coach Station, my lovely host mum was waiting there for me. About ten minutes away from the city centre, she showed me the place that I should call my home for the next four weeks. And after my first English dinner and some cuddling with the family dog and cat, I already felt at home.

My first day at work started as well as the day before. I was pleasantly surprised by all those friendly and smiling people around me, especially the two receptionists at Castlemead. Sarah-Jane picked me up and I was very relieved to get along with her right from the start. She showed me to my desk and explained the work that Shooting Star do and that of a PR agency in general.

On the second day, we had an event I had never experienced or even heard of before. At the Shooting Star PR clinics, people can book 30 minutes of your time to ask questions about PR and marketing. I met some very amazing and interesting people with different businesses and personal backgrounds. All in all, this was a successful working day.

The first thing I wanted to do in my free time, was exploring the shopping opportunities of Bristol, which have been honestly amazing. Beyond Cabot Circus and Broadmead, I also discovered the Bristol Harbourside, St Nicholas Market, the Clifton Suspension Bridge and many more wonderful places. The beauty of this city still amazes me.

To my delight, I got to meet some other students from Spain and France, and another German girl who I became good friends with. We went out to the pubs and enjoyed our weekends.

After these four weeks with Shooting Star, I can say that I’ve learned a lot about social media marketing, how to work with different programmes and create press lists. As I am now working in a marketing department in Germany, I am sure that these newly-acquired skills will be very helpful for the future.

I am so grateful that I’ve had the chance to do this internship, which I absolutely enjoyed. A big thanks to Sarah-Jane and the whole team in Lincoln, I couldn’t have asked for better workmates.

As serial entrepreneur and American showman P.T. Barnum used to say, ‘Always leave them wanting more,’ and I promise to come back to Bristol one day. But for now, I’m afraid it’s time to say goodbye.