A Week in the Life of Shooting Star

Sophie May 2 web cropAs I’m about to embark on my final year at the University of Lincoln studying public relations, I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to do a week of work experience at PR and marketing agency Shooting Star.

Having done the rest of my work experience and internships down south and closer to home (East Sussex), I knew it would be a nice change to see the PR environment elsewhere.

I’d heard of Shooting Star prior to starting and knew it would be a great place to learn. It’s always slightly unnerving meeting a new team of people, however everyone has been so welcoming which made me feel at ease straight away. They’ve all made me feel as though I was actually part of the agency too, which I’ve really appreciated.

Although Shooting Star is a relatively small agency compared to others I’ve worked for, there was no shortage of jobs for me to do. Throughout my stay, I had the opportunity to undertake real PR tasks including writing several different press releases and articles for their various clients. Hearing of all the success they’ve achieved so far has inspired me and made me realise what you can accomplish working in PR.

One of my favourite experiences was when I attended a client meeting as it gave me a flavour of what it would actually be like to have clients of my own. I also worked on the copy for the new Shooting Star website, and had the chance to help out with some of the social media tasks they do.

Being enthusiastic about PR, I’ve really valued my time at Shooting Star and have genuinely enjoyed every minute. Not only do I now feel like a pro at press releases, but it’s given me more of an insight into the working world.

I hope that I’ve been a helping hand to the team over the week, as I’ve really appreciated all the work I’ve been able to do for them. While I’m still unsure as to where life will take me once I’ve graduated, I’d love to keep in touch with the possibility of coming back in the future. This week went too quickly and I’ve not wanted to say goodbye! In the meantime, I wish Shooting Star all the best (I hope you smash it in the CIPR PRide awards this year!).

– Sophie May