Monitoring Your Social Media Mentions

Social media monitoring1If you are in business in 2012 you cannot afford to ignore online social media. Not only are websites like Twitter and Facebook a very useful – and free – communication and networking tool, they are also networks where people do a lot of talking. And they could be talking about you.

36% of people have posted about a brand on social networks.* No longer are consumers simply using the Internet to make a purchase; now they are also talking about their favourite brands and complaining loudly when they feel let down.

If you’re an Internet-savvy business you probably want to engage with the people who are talking about you online. You may want to thank them for a positive comment, or provide information in response to an online enquiry. You will certainly want to act quickly if someone is complaining about your company on social media.

That’s relatively easy to do if people are posting on your Facebook page or addressing their tweets to you personally. But what can you do about all the conversations that are happening on the Internet which you’re not listening to? What if someone is blogging about you, tweeting about you, uploading photos of your business on Facebook or pinning pictures of you on Pinterest?

To keep on top of what people are saying about you online you need an effective social media monitoring service, and we’re pleased to say that we can now offer such a service at a very cost-effective rate.

We’ve signed up with a leading monitoring agency to keep track of what’s being said about our clients online and can now monitor social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well more than 300 million blogs.

That means that any time your business is mentioned on social media networks you will get to hear about it almost immediately – and so will we.

To find out more about our new social media monitoring service send an email to or call us on 01522 538540. JA

* InSites study 2011