Trophies, Titles and Talking Up Your Success

So what do you think of when you turn your thoughts to awards? The Oscars? The BAFTAs? Or maybe your mind wanders to the awards you can’t believe exist, such as the Loo of the Year Awards or The British Parking Awards?

In between those two extremes is a whole range of relevant, insightful ceremonies that suit each and every business we work with. From the highly specialised to the wide open, from the regional or local to the international, there’s always a way to be recognised by your peers that you might not have considered before.

What’s the use in trying?

Plenty! Awards can be a real coup for any business. Displayed at your office, they can be a talking point. Shared with staff, they can be a morale booster. And with a little clever marketing, they can be a great way to promote yourself ahead of your competition.

Recognition from awards also has excellent ROI. From the initial nomination to the awards night, press and social media are often buzzing with excitement. Following the evening, a win means a boost in reputation that can still be delivering dividends years later – and in the case of some of the larger awards, even decades.

Perception is often the key: be seen at enough award ceremonies and your customers could well be forgiven for thinking you’ve won more awards than you actually have!

There isn’t an award for my industry!

The truth is that there might be. A little digging usually shows that there’s an award for everything. But think outside the box: could you enter an award that celebrates a concept such as charity, diversity, family business or nurturing skills? Some of our most successful clients in award terms are the ones that look outside of their immediate comfort zone.

Even if you don’t think you can compete on a national scale, there are plenty of ways of getting involved. Start locally and build from there.

If you really don’t have anything you think is worth celebrating, then get involved in other ways. Sponsor a category, offer to host the awards or even supply the catering for one. Any involvement gets you free coverage, mentions on social media for the night and the chance to meet like-minded businesses.  

Doesn’t it cost a fortune?

There are awards that charge for entry, but this is becoming rare. Awards organisers make much of their money from sponsorship opportunities and tables sold for the night in question.

A balancing act of sorts is needed here; think of the entire process as a PR investment. Even if you don’t win, a nomination can work wonders. Of course, a win is preferable, but the press and publicity from just being included alongside the rest of your fellow hopefuls can be reward enough.

The cost when you factor in tickets and accommodation can seem daunting, but if you’re in a position to treat your staff to a night out, then why not?

What’s the point of the awards evening?

It’s a great way to network. Other businesses on your level will be there and after a few glasses of the welcoming champagne, it’s a great place to talk shop and make new contacts.

If you have an enthusiastic team, they should be rallying round and showing their support. It’s a great chance for them to put on their glad rags for the night and shout out on social media feeds, showing how proud you are proud of your achievements.

Entering the awards process can seem daunting at first, but there’s no denying the positive impact they can have. An award could well be the boost your company needs. Don’t leave it until your achievements have become old news – capitalise on it now!