Building a Positive Company Culture

Updated 17/04/2024

Company culture is an integral part of any business. At its core, a company’s culture is a shared set of values and behaviours, it is the personality of the business and defines the environment in which employees work. 

So, what is it that makes a great company culture?

Being passionate and enjoying what you do is important, but it’s true to say that the work environment and company culture you are part of will play a huge part in the satisfaction you get from your working life.

According to research conducted by Forbes, when employers get the company culture right, employees are four times more likely to stay with that organisation in excess of 20 years or work more effectively.

An engaging, enjoyable workplace can make your business more attractive to top talent and can further inspire employees to perform at their best.

Fun working environment

Here, at Shooting Star, we pride ourselves on our company culture. We put our employees at the centre of what we do and reward them for their hard work through incentive schemes like Live Like Loyalty, extra days’ holiday, a free breakfast, after-work drinks and bonus incentives.

We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and fun environment where everyone feels valued and able to have their say. We encourage people to get involved in the decision making and strategy planning so everyone has a vested interest in the future of the business.

Reports also suggest that employees are more likely to enjoy their time in the workplace when the company shares the same values and ethos as them, so it’s important to consider how your culture resonates with your employees and their work environment.

Organisations that invest in their employee’s well-being and happiness often report higher rates of productivity and job satisfaction. Team building or team away days, where staff work together to solve a challenge or learn a new skill, are a great way of boosting morale. They also help stimulate creativity, improve communication and increase motivation while also showing employees that organisations are willing to invest in them.

Work-life balance

Maintaining a positive company culture is also guaranteed to significantly reduce workplace stress, which ultimately reduces pressures felt by employees in their personal lives, outside the workplace.

To accommodate a healthy work-life balance, many employers are now implementing ‘flexible’ working hours when it is needed.

Employees who benefit from this incentive can attend personal appointments during working hours and, in some cases, are able to start work later in a morning to accommodate the school run.

Although these are small changes, they have a big impact. Not only does this show that employers are willing to accommodate flexible working hours when it is needed, it makes employees feel valued.

‘Cared-for’ culture

With mental health becoming less of a taboo subject, companies are increasingly taking a head-on approach to supporting their staff when it comes to personal challenges inside and outside of work.

Creating an environment where colleagues feel comfortable and able to approach employers with concerns can make a huge difference to employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Employees need to feel their best – physically, mentally and emotionally – in order to contribute to a positive culture, so noticing the need to encourage employees to take five minutes to have a cup of tea, or enjoy a slice of cake as a team, makes employees feel valued and cared for by their employer.

Giving something back

Offering time off to volunteer for a local charity or organising team fundraising events can also be hugely rewarding and promote a feeling of well-being. It’s really gratifying to be able to help other people and will make your employees feel good about where they work.

At Shooting Star, we support a different local charity every year providing pro bono PR and marketing work that they would otherwise not be able to afford. We also fundraise for the charity by organising an annual chippy quiz which attracts around 80 businesspeople every year and raises hundreds of pounds.

Creating a positive company culture doesn’t have to be complicated, it simply needs to show that you care about your staff and their well-being.

Whether that’s through team building days, a fresh bowl of fruit, a free breakfast or flexible working. All these things contribute to a positive working environment, and are important to consider when establishing a positive company culture for your team.