How Are We Coping During Lockdown?

We are all going through it together, but everyone’s experience is different and we are all coping in different ways.

Being ‘locked down’ is a very strange feeling and having to stay at home and not see friends and family is the weirdest part. Our team are all finding ways to cope with the lack of freedom and learning to socialise in other ways. Here is what they had to say:


I make sure that I’m getting out for fresh air and going on long walks, especially right now! With everything going on I feel very lucky to have a garden to enjoy.
Other things which keep me sane are my wonderful family and friends who all manage to raise my spirits if ever I’m in need. Music has always been a huge mood booster for me and it’s been a particular lifesaver during lockdown.


I created a playlist of uplifting songs that instantly boost my mood if I’m feeling down. Ten minutes of dancing to it sorts me right out.

Zoom quizzes have become the social event of 2020 and, thanks to Kate and Jez’s suggestion, we’ve started doing a weekly quiz. It’s nice to take time to bond as colleagues without discussing anything work related.


Walking the dog with the family and being out in the countryside is how I like to relax! Connecting with nature is important for my mental health! However bad things seem, realising that life goes on and nature is unaffected, and in many ways benefiting from lockdown, always gives me a sense of perspective!


I started baking bread before Christmas and I’m glad I did because I find it very therapeutic to bake and something completely different to my day job! Also little Luna keeps me on my toes. I take her for a walk along the side of West Common every morning and it sets me up for the day. Vicky and I (mostly Vicky) are doing a lot more gardening both at home and on our new allotment as well.


We’ve been spending our time at home with our dog, our baby girl and like Jez we’ve been tending to our gardening. Making the most of the sunshine is important too, with lots of walking!


My fiancée and I bought a house in October, so fortunately we have been keeping ourselves out of trouble by doing DIY every weekend. I’ve also been using the time to restart some hobbies, including reading and gaming. To keep myself challenged, I do an hour a day of a new course.


I’ve been doing a bit of baking, making cakes and cupcakes, and have delivered some to my friends and family (from a safe distance) for them to enjoy while we can’t see each other.

I’ve also been taking Bertie for long walks each day to get me out the house. I’m very lucky as I live out in the countryside so the views are always lovely.

My friends and I have been using FaceTime a lot to keep in regular contact, and have each taken it in turns to host our weekly group quiz night.


I’ve been doing a 28-day workout challenge on YouTube and I’ve now started a new four-week one. This is great for my mental health by tackling boredom and setting goals to work towards.

These are just some of the ways our team like to unwind when they’re not working. If you’d like to share your tips and advice on looking after your mental health, please tweet us @shootingstarpr or post on Facebook /shootingstarpr. We’d love to hear from you!

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