What We’d Like to Keep from the Lockdown

As the world slowly and cautiously opens up again, people are beginning to look to the future and consider what they want post-lockdown life to look like.

Inspired by Master Coach and Master NLP Practitioner Nicola Ellwood’s recent article, we’ve been thinking about what we’ve enjoyed about lockdown and what elements we’d like to keep or maintain once it’s over.

Here’s what the team had to say…


Lockdown has definitely had
its positives and as a business we will be making some changes to
reflect some of the aspects that we’ve all enjoyed. Personally, I’ve
loved not having to commute to work during rush hour although I’ve
really missed being in the office with the team. I want the best of both
worlds: being in the office without having to commute! Spending more
time with my family and eating breakfast and dinner together has also
been a welcome change to ‘normal’ life so I’ll be endeavouring to strike a better work life balance in the future!


been hard not seeing the team every day, but sometimes working from
home is more relaxing – I can have breakfast then wander upstairs to
start work, and at five o’clock I can start cooking dinner! Being unable to meet clients and suppliers is difficult, but many of our clients are a long way from our office so it’s been good to get used to new ways of meeting using platforms like Zoom. Maybe in future we’ll find a way of combining what used to work well with ‘the new normal’.


During lockdown I’ve
enjoyed having the extra time between starting and finishing work to do
things I wouldn’t normally have the time or motivation for. For
example, I’ve started doing home workouts in a morning and they have really helped to set me up for the day. I’ve also really valued being able to spend some quality time with my family while adapting to working from home.


During lockdown I’ve enjoyed having more time to try out new things: researching new recipes, taking long walks around different parts of Lincoln, watching films I’ve been meaning to watch for ages and using skincare products I’ve had in my drawer for months.


For me personally some good habits have come out of lockdown. I’ve enjoyed adapting to working from home and cutting out the daily commute on public transport.  It’s been nice to be able to spend some quality time with family – and realising how little we need in our everyday lives.


I’ve enjoyed getting the time back – without a commute I can work out in the mornings and have peace and quiet to do my job. I’m
used to working remotely as I did it for over six years and I’m quite
lucky as I have my own home office setup, so of course I enjoy that! My
partner has been furloughed so we’ve had lots of time together which has definitely been a massive plus.


During lockdown I’ve become more patient with myself and others and have enjoyed the slower pace of life. I’ve spent more time cooking from scratch and have been in touch with family members I don’t usually have much contact with. Doing all of the above has helped keep my mental health in check and keep me motivated while working. I’ll make every effort to maintain these activities when lockdown comes to an end.

What aspects of lockdown life would you like to keep in future? Get in touch and let us know!