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As an agency, we find that most issues are recurring ones. In these half-hour online sessions, you will be joining our team for an informal discussion around three key topics that cover some of the most frequent questions we’re asked.

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What is digital PR?

In this session we’ll explain how PR works in the 21st century, looking at both the short and long term to deliver immediate results and build long-term marketing wins.

Join Sam Clarke DipM ACIM, Digital Marketing Manager at Shooting Star, for this bitesize look at how PR works in modern marketing.

“Marketing is not about what channel or media is the best, it’s about how you use everything together to get the best. Good marketing uses PR in both print and online. If the goal is to get attention, there’s nothing more powerful than being in a popular publication, but if the goal is to get quick sales through niche publications read by avid fans, then PR that focuses on SEO is a good rule of thumb. Things are rarely as clear cut as they seem.”

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What’s the difference between branding and brand identity?

Explore the five key elements of successful brand management, the importance of consistency and what makes it different from branding.


In this session we explore the five key elements of successful brand management and the importance of consistency so your audience can recognise your brand whenever they encounter it. 

Join Maz Davis, Senior Account Manager, for tips on boosting your business growth through brand building strategies that improve customers’ overall perception of your business. Maz is passionate about brands and has worked in senior brand marketing roles across global brands in the toy, nursery, cosmetic and watch sectors. 

“Branding is more than simply having a logo and a tagline. A successful brand should be well defined and relevant to your market. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and examples to guide you in developing a strong brand identity that is clear, consistent, memorable and creates a unique and lasting image in the marketplace.”

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How do I run Facebook competitions?

Discover how to run a successful competition on your Facebook page by avoiding the common competition pitfalls. 

How do you manage the entries? Are you breaking the Facebook rules? How are you picking a winner? It can all be a bit mind boggling, but we’re here to simplify it all for you. 

Join Melissa Orchard, Social Media Executive at Shooting Star, for a whistle-stop tour and learn how to pack a punch with your Facebook competitions. 

“I’m really looking forward to delving into the ins and outs of Facebook competitions. They’re a fantastic option to boost engagement on social and reach a wider audience. After all, who doesn’t love winning free stuff? But there are so many competitions out there that break Facebook rules and miss out on opportunities – let me share my knowledge and help you to avoid the same mistakes.”

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