The Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Valentine’s Day has come around yet again. For you lovers out there, this is a day to show your partners how much they mean to you, however, for businesses it is the perfect opportunity to launch some new creative marketing campaigns.

A date isn’t always promised on February 14th, but increased sales are.

Here are five of the best marketing campaigns we have seen.

1.  Pretty Little Thing’s Valentine Beauty Box Reel

Visuals are always incredibly engaging, and everyone enjoys a haul, right?

Pretty Little Thing (PLT) enticed their followers by releasing a romantic-themed reel on Instagram and TikTok of their new Valentines Beauty Box. PLT showed off six products included in the eight-piece bundle. The posts were captioned with a product code to search on their website, as well as a link heading directly to the box.

They also didn’t shy from telling everyone their ‘date night’ box is £20 even though the contents add up to £67. Now that’s a bargain.

2.  Converse Crafted with Love

I might ask Converse to be my valentine after seeing they have released the cutest limited-edition range named ‘Crafted With Love’.

An incredible 61 products have been launched, including customisable All-Stars and embroidered t-shirts.

This range has taken TikTok by storm, with one of the most popular unboxing videos reaching six million views, captioned “Besties run don’t walk to your nearest converse store.”

All Converse had to do was design and release some trainers with hearts on, and the social media world did the marketing and promotion for them. Pretty ideal if you ask me.

Some products have already sold out and are being resold for over double the price on sites like eBay.

3. Peta UK and their Vegan Valentine’s Day

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation is a charity based in the UK, dedicated to protecting the rights of all animals.

PETA teamed up with award-winning vegan chef Alexis Gauthier to create the perfect gift for a vegan foodie. Gauthier’s Home Valentine’s Vegan Box allows couples to recreate food served in his Soho restaurants.

This campaign draws attention to the charity, with hopes to gain more sponsors, as well as drawing attention to the work of Alexis Gauthier. It would also show your valentine that you can cater for their needs on date night…with the perfect meal.

4. Bumble x Airbnb

You can’t forget the singles on Valentine’s Day. Bumble teamed up with Airbnb Experiences in 2021 to offer matches 20% off their next date night adventure.

Bumble tweeted almost two weeks before the big day announcing that Valentine’s 2021 was virtual but still happening, thanks to the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.

Bumble and Airbnb were incredibly smart with this campaign. Bumble increased their downloads and went up in the app store, whereas Airbnb guarantee some bookings for the future. This is perfect considering they would have experienced a loss of money over the previous year.

5. You Either Love It or Hate It

What screams “I love you” more than a personalised jar of Marmite?

Marmite released some Valentine’s themed jars with the option to add the name of your loved one and “spread the love this Valentine’s”.

The idea is flawless. It’s fun, on-brand, and will increase sales. It’s the perfect jokey gift to get, so long as your partner likes Marmite…the jar is a good keepsake too!

Out of those incredible campaigns, what gets your heart racing? Content which allows people to comment, like, and rewatch as many times as they wish is a great marketing strategy. More interaction means increased reach on social media, therefore more people will see and purchase.

Those Converse are calling my name…