Meet Shooting Star’s New Social Media Executive!

Social Media Exec Elliot Dickinson joined Shooting Star in April. Let’s get to know them…

An authority in all things engagement, content, and algorithms, Elliot is joining us to create super-effective social media strategies which maximise engagement and reach for both us and our clients.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

My LinkedIn bio says that I’m a social media expert, graphic designer, and professional jack of all trades, and I’m also the latest addition to the Shooting Star team! I’ll be creating social media content and managing analytics for our clients as well as our own channels.

What made you want to work in social media?

I feel like learning the ways of the internet is almost like learning another language but growing up with it definitely gives you a head start. I find it remarkably interesting to delve into analytics and find out what strategies are the most effective; it’s a balancing act between understanding what makes people tick vs what makes algorithms tick. I’m also a very results-driven person, and most social media platforms are excellent at getting you hooked on the analytics and stats.

When did you start?

I’ve always been a social media user, but I started using it professionally during the lockdown in 2020. I began streaming on a website called Twitch, and when I started gaining traction I realised that I could use social media a lot more to grow my community and have been developing my own channels while consulting for clients ever since!

Why did you start consulting?

A lot of information about social media is spread out across individual platforms which can make it extra time-consuming to keep up with, especially when most people just want to focus on their business. I found that as I got more and more interested in learning different algorithms and social media strategies, I was gaining a lot of knowledge that would help my peers who were also trying to grow but didn’t have the interest I did.

What makes Shooting Star a good fit for you?

As much as I enjoyed consulting for individual creators, I really wanted to broaden the types of clients I was working with. Shooting Star has such a wide range of clients which allow me to apply my expertise in dozens of ways that I was limited with before, and work on campaigns of a much larger scale. I’m particularly excited about working at Shooting Star because they have such a strong family ethos where everyone feels valued and respected. There’s an emphasis on creative freedom here, and it’s refreshing to collaborate with people who trust you to understand your field.

If you’re interested in improving your social media content, get in touch with the Shooting Star team at!