Why Video Needs to be Part of Your Marketing

Video production doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, and it doesn’t have to be DIY either.

In the last ten years there has been an explosion of video on the internet. And it’s partly down to the fact that video is one of the most impactful forms of messaging. It’s a moving image with sound that can tell a story creatively and succinctly, and a lot of information can be communicated in a very short time.

Video production is becoming more affordable for businesses, but there is a balance to be struck in both quality and quantity. Just because you can’t afford a three-person crew and a £5,000 video doesn’t mean you should give in and just try it yourself without getting professional help. Businesses should use more video, but it still must be of professional quality. Even if budgets are slim, there is a right way versus a wrong way to do video.

In the last few years we’ve taken on team members with over a decade of video production and editing experience working in corporate, education and advertising. We have made the most of these skills and have been using more video in our work for clients to great success, and we’re happy to announce that it’s now listed as one of our core services.

Unlike a specialist production company, we offer affordable video production support to complement existing campaigns and marketing efforts, and more of our clients are using this to their advantage.

Recently, we have been working with Coveris on a successful recruitment campaign. A strong video campaign helped shape the employer brand through strong messaging that focused on what it’s like to work at Coveris. Between January and March 2022 we achieved the following results:

  • An increase of 154% in applicants, from 249 compared to 632.
  • Increased website visits to the UK career pages by 59% from 1,362 to 2,168.
  • The campaign video itself reached over 28,000 people in the target area.

We’ve found that video is a key component for campaigns around community and recruitment. Being able to see the people behind a company is a simple but effective way to humanise a business or a cause.

There is a place for larger budget video production, but when the timescale is short and the budget is small then we want to ensure our clients have every opportunity to get as much reach and coverage as possible in the most creative, professional and effective way.

If you’re interested to find out how video can help your marketing, get in touch!