Love Us, Love Our Dogs

ShoeboxThose who know Shooting Star PR will be aware that directors Kate and Jez love dogs. They each have a rescue dog at home: Kate has a beagle Staffy cross called Bailey and Jez has a scruffy terrier called Hobbes.

That’s why we were pleased to take on Jerry Green Dog Rescue as a new client last month, and why we were only too happy to make a donation as part of the charity’s latest campaign.

Love Us, Love Our Dogs is a Valentine’s Day appeal encouraging people to fill a shoebox full of doggy toys and treats and donate it to one of the five Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centres in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

All the toys and treats are given to the dogs in Jerry Green’s care, making sure they feel loved and looked after while they’re waiting to find a new home.

We took our shoebox up to the Jerry Green centre in Broughton near Brigg yesterday where we met up with their Head of Fundraising, Catherine Foster.

If you are thinking of adopting a dog visit to ask about arranging a visit. JA