Keeping on Top of our Game!

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Here at Shooting Star PR, we strive to be on top of our game and consistently offer our clients the best service possible. This means we need to keep up to date on the latest goings on in our industry.

On Thursday, account managers Cerri Delaney and Cesca Bickley got up bright and early and made their way down to London for the PR is Changing conference, hosted by

The day consisted of nine half-hour seminars by some of the biggest names in PR, focusing on their views on recent PR innovations and stories.

Kicking off the seminars was Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communications, with an overview of how the Government organises its internal structure to ensure the smoothest results.

One of our favourite talks came from Louise Cooper, Senior Manager of Corporate, Digital and Branch PR at John Lewis, on how much reputation can do for a brand.

Also worth noting was Emma Hart, Head of PR at O2. She gave an invigorating, exciting speech about the different approach O2 have taken to their PR and communications, and the results they enjoyed after doing so.

All in all, we learned a great deal, met some really influential people and had a lovely lunch! We’re looking forward to putting our new ideas into action, so watch this space! CB