Are you wearing too many hats in marketing?

How many hats are you wearing? Too many hats! 

We are practising what we preach and have launched a new campaign to show businesses how we can help them juggle their PR, marketing and digital needs. 

Drum roll please… 

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Meet Sally – our marketing manager client, who’s overworked and overburdened with a stack of PR and marketing tasks (or hats!) that doesn’t stop growing. Luckily for Sally, Shooting Star is there to help and share the load so she can finally focus on what’s important – the bigger picture! 

Of course, it’s a simplification – but we wanted to speak directly to marketing managers and people in similar roles who will very much understand Sally’s pressures. 

Sound like you? Give us your hats!

What has marketing got to do with hats? 

As an agency, we’ve grown over the last few years and with that comes bigger clients, with bigger problems. Usually, our clients have limited resources – limited time, limited staff and limited expertise – but a never-ending list of tasks and deadlines. It’s not uncommon for us to work with a company’s in-house marketing team, who often work across countless offices and sites, doing marketing, sales, comms, HR and business development roles, and who are responsible for implementing national initiatives.  

That’s a lot of pressure, and these clients come to us because we can share the load. 

Hats off to Shooting Star… 

We’re proud of our award-winning work. 

Our collaborative approach means we talk less and listen more, so we can really understand our clients’ challenges and how we can help them.  

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Our services list is long, and we can do a lot – but it’s not about doing more, it’s about helping our clients do the right things at the right time. 

This strategic partnership with clients allows us to support their long-term strategy and offer advice on how to tackle big problems, such as staff recruitment issues or business development, and make the most of opportunities. It also helps that many of our team have worked client side and have first-hand experience of those challenges. 

Take a minute to think about your hats – take our poll! 

What we have learnt  

Its’ been a while since the campaign launched, and we’ve had some great results. From a budget of £221 we reached over 7,000 people in our target market of client-side marketers, sales leaders and business development professionals. 

Most importantly, the attention brought in several enquiries, and we’ve landed a fantastic new client which is what we set out to achieve. 

What can you learn?

Watch our recorded webinar so you can learn how to perform a marketing health check and implement an integrated marketing plan using the PESO model.

Article updated 15/8/2023 


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