Introducing our Newest Digital Marketing Star 

Shooting Star has kickstarted 2024 with two new additions to the team – Dan Bratton and Jacob Porter. In this blog we get to know Jacob, our newest recruit… 

Jacob developed his skills through his Level 3 and Level 4 marketing apprenticeships. Over the years he has worked within multiple sectors and brings valuable skills to the agency including videography, digital advertising and SEO. 

Welcome Jacob! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I am enthusiastic and passionate about all things to do with digital marketing. Outside of work, I love spending time on my gaming PC and playing the guitar – my favourite music era is the 70s! My wife and I like to go for long walks, either in the Peak District or by the seaside. I absolutely LOVE the seaside – it is my ultimate happy place! 

What influenced you to become a marketer? 

My marketing career began in 2017 in a position where I was implementing SEO and affiliate marketing tactics to sell clothes online. Since then, I have been training while also working in various industry sectors. Many people have influenced me and my work including my tutors, managers and celebrity entrepreneurs, such as Steven Barlett.  

What do you bring to Shooting Star? 

I have worked for companies within niche industries and understand how to identify and communicate with specific target audiences. I’ve seen brilliant results from my previous B2B and B2C campaigns and I’m excited to deliver more winning campaigns for Shooting Star’s clients. My main strength is videography – video has become the most consumed form of content online over recent years. TikTok and Instagram have taken the lead in using reels and short videos to promote business, life and entertainment. If you are looking to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, then Shooting Star can help. 

Why did you choose Shooting Star? 

I have always striven to be part of a marketing agency and work for a variety of different clients. When I first met the leadership team at Shooting Star, I was amazed! The atmosphere is friendly, the office is comforting, and the vision and values are aligned to my own. I knew instantly that Shooting Star was a place I would love to work and grow my skills and knowledge.  

What are you looking forward to at Shooting Star? 

I am looking forward to being a part of the Shooting Star team and bringing success to our current and future clients. We win when our clients win.  

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know? 

I used to be a short-track speed skater and was second in the UK for my age group – I used to compete three times a year for approximately five years all over Europe, representing Great Britain along with my teammates in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France and more. 

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