My Favourite Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns

University of Lincoln student Lia Hamilton has been getting some work experience with us this week. With Mother’s Day coming up she’s been looking back on some of her favourite campaigns.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate motherhood, whatever that may mean to you. It is also a great opportunity for many businesses to promote their products and generate new sales. According to Statista, retail spending on Mother’s Day in the UK is projected to reach £1.28 billion. For businesses looking to generate these sales, it is the perfect opportunity for them to launch new creative marketing campaigns.

On that note, here are some of my favourite Mother’s Day marketing campaigns!

Dove ‘#OneRealPressure’

Starting off strongly with a brand very invested in motherhood, Dove. In 2022, Dove used their campaign to acknowledge the realities of postpartum experiences to show new mums they are not alone. The company created a campaign aimed at inspiring new mums to open up about the pressures of early motherhood. Dove encouraged mothers to share the tag #OneRealPressure and talk about their own postpartum experience to support other mums going through similar situations. This heartwarming campaign was a great first step in getting mothers to talk about their true experience of the early days of motherhood. The campaign did incredibly well, gaining over 1 million views on YouTube alone.

Sephora ‘Celebrates all Moms’

Sephora’s Mother’s Day campaign from 2022 acknowledged the multiple definitions of what motherhood can be, from biological mums to adoptive mums, all the way to pet mums. Their campaign highlighted the beauty of mothering and a redefined concept of motherhood. It featured a series of social videos with collaborators, representing their own unconventional yet precious relationship with motherhood. These included Talli Osborne, an inspirational speaker who was adopted into a large family of 21 children, and Xtacy Love and her drag daughter, Priyanka, who shows the important of organic friendships evolving into familial relationships through shared experiences.

Samsung ‘Texts From Mom’

In 2015, Samsung produced a hilarious campaign for Mother’s Day, engaging people through a video displaying a collection of different text messages from moms showing how they may struggle with technology. It included clips of mom typing in all capitals, asking how to use hashtags, and taking ‘mom’ selfies. The video then ended with the tagline ‘There’s no one quite like mom’. I enjoy this humorous approach to a Mother’s Day campaign as their unique approach cut through the noise of other campaigns, and it was highly relatable. The video finishes by telling viewers to ‘This Sunday, give her a call.’

KFC ‘Virtual Mother’s Day Experience’

In 2020, we were unable to celebrate Mother’s Day as most of us would have liked. KFC designed a campaign to overcome this with their partnership with Facebook Messenger to launch their at-home virtual dining experience especially for Mother’s Day. This gave families the opportunity to spend Mother’s Day virtually together, as in-person meet-ups were not allowed. Users could organise a time, date and a personalised invitation with their mum’s name and picture. GrubHub, a food delivery service in America, offered free delivery on orders over a set price for people to treat their mums from far away on the special day!

‘Hello Fresh X Mother’s Day’

Last but not least, we have Hello Fresh, a meal kit delivery service continuing to increase in popularity. In honour of Mother’s Day last year, they launched a special edition menu to celebrate the women in our lives and encourage users to celebrate with a home cooked meal. The menu included eggs benedict on toasted crumpets for a tasty Mother’s Day breakfast and truffle roast chicken for lunch. This was a simple and effective way to celebrate the occasion while being a fantastic way for HelloFresh to promote their new offerings.

I can’t wait to see the new campaigns that will emerge for this year’s Mother’s Day! Please note: if you are reading this for inspiration for your own Mother’s Day campaign, be sensitive to those whose mothers are not present in their lives by giving people an option to opt out of Mother’s Day emails.

Just a friendly reminder: Mother’s Day is on 10th March which is just around the corner!