Effective social media training for business.

Social media training for business

Enlightening social media training for business

Our expert social media marketing training will guide you through how to make the most of your social media, covering everything from strategy and planning to day-to-day management, advertising, how to jump on trends and manage enquiries.

Social media training will help you to spark good conversations

Social media training will help refine your skills, ultimately saving you time, helping you engage with your customers and generate leads.

Need to know how to create and run a creative campaign that will grab attention, get tongues wagging and potentially go viral? That’s where Shooting Star can help. We’ve created award-winning campaigns that have delivered exceptional results.

Our team can build your social media confidence by helping you to develop a social media strategy, teaching you how to run a paid social campaign and run competitions that abide by the rules, and giving you top tips on creating engaging content. Discover the tools you will need to manage and analyse your social media.

Social media marketing training to suit your business

Every business is different; different sizes, industries and target markets. Some businesses focus efforts on just LinkedIn while others engage influencers on Instagram but it should always tie into your wider marketing strategy.

At the heart of every successful social media campaign is a showstopping graphic, an entertaining video and cleverly crafted key messages.

Our team can give insight into how TikTok and PR can go hand in hand and demonstrate the power of a good social media campaign. Whatever your set up and whatever your goals, our team will design training sessions to suit your needs.

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